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Character:Aries Mu
Canon:Saint Seiya
Canon Point:End of Sanctuary Arc, when Saori Kido takes her place as Athena.


This requires some context. For a brief synopsis of the series as a whole, please check out

Also of note, the Anime series and the Manga series differ on some minor plot points; nothing substantial; I’ll be running largely with the Manga series of events.

Mu is the Saint of Aries, one of 88 warriors who fight for the Goddess Athena. It is unknown why Mu was chosen to be a Saint, but we do know that he gained the title at the tender age of seven. The title was inherited from his master, Shion, who died under 'mysterious' circumstances. In truth, Shion was murdered by another of his protégée, and the usurper stole Shion’s identity as the Holy Father (or Pope, or Master of the Sanctuary depending on your translation) and went on to lead the Saints for the next 13 years. Mu was one of the few in the order aware of the truth, but he was too young and too powerless to do anything about it, and so he left.

Little else about his childhood is clear, except that he moved from the home of the Saints, Sanctuary, in Greece to a lonely tower in the Himalayan mountains and there became a hermit, and something of a living myth, setting deadly traps to discourage visitors - mostly other Saints who would seek Mu's talents to repair their Cloths. This tower, Jamir, is where he lived out the rest of his childhood and adolescence, secluded from the rest of the world. Sometime around his 12th birthday, he adopted a small child named Kiki who became his pupil and successor to the title of "Saint." It’s implied that Mu spent some time with another exile from the Sanctuary, the elderly Libra Dohko, who had been a friend to Shion, and it was possibly he who helped Mu to complete his training as a Saint (Even as an adult, Mu alone among the Gold Saints refers to Dohko as “Roshi”.)

Thirteen years into his self-imposed exile, Mu’s tower was visited by the Bronze Saint of Dragon, Shiryu, who presented him with the cloths of Dragon and Pegasus, both nearly irreparably damaged. Shiryu begged him to repair them, but Mu explained to him that he could not, for the cloths were already dead. Shiryu’s insistence (to the point of self sacrifice), however, seemed to stir something in Mu - a sense of camaraderie and true friendship that had been long denied. Mu finally relented, allowing Shiryu to spill his own blood to provide the catalyst to repair the cloths.

Mu repaired them, returned them, and nursed Shiryu back to some semblance of health all in time for one of the first big confrontations in the series. For some time afterwards, Mu (and Kiki) assisted Shiryu and the other Bronze Saints (Seiya, Shun, Hyoga and sometimes Ikki) in fighting against Silver Saints sent by the Sanctuary to kill them, managing to delay the assassins on several occasions. Once he was certain the Bronze Saints were up to the task, Mu left his home in the mountains and returned to Sanctuary, taking his place as the Gold Saint of Aries.

Once there, he assisted the Bronze Saints as best he could - ensuring their cloths were in good shape, and warning them of the dangers that lay ahead - of the Gold Saints and their terrifyingly powerful Cosmos...and of the Seventh Sense, the “True” essence of the Cosmo that they would need to develop in order to stand a chance against the Gold Saints. When they were out of his hands, he watched over the body of Saori Kido until more Saints loyal to her could arrive, and when the usurper, Gemini Saga, finally fell to the combined efforts of the Bronze Saints, Mu revealed all he knew to the surviving Gold Saints; about the death of the last Holy Father, and how they’d been deceived for the last thirteen years. Afterwards, he swears his fealty to Saori, the newly realized Athena.


To strangers, Mu is aloof and reserved, but always polite. To acquaintances, he's little better though perhaps a smidge more relaxed in their company. Those lucky few who get him to open up, however, will find that he has a warm heart, a dry wit and unending loyalty - a firm friend and a brother in arms. However, Mu will never hesitate to protect someone in need. It's in his nature, and an important part of his duty as a Saint of Athena.

His reclusion is more a result of an adolescence of solitude than any conscious choice. Some may think him shy, but that would be a half-truth at best. Introverted, certainly, but he can often be brought around if one makes the effort to do so. When in a situation outside of his control, Mu will watch, and listen and, situation allowing, Mu will wait. He’s the type to gather information on situations before acting, and has been known to feign helplessness to bait people into letting their guard down around him, both to buy time and to gather as much information as possible.

Mu is, overall, a pleasant person to interact with. As mentioned before he is generally polite in his dealings, although he is also known to be incredibly sassy when the mood takes him. This usually takes the form of playful ribbing, but does depend on his mood. In conversations he can be quite blunt - he doesn't see the need to be anything but direct and honest in his dealings, although he has been known to omit information from time to time. Growing up with a mandate to protect others has made Mu protective of the people around him, whether he’s acquainted with them or not

Mu is pacifistic by nature, often unwilling to ever raise a hand with an intent to harm unless the situation leaves no other alternatives. He strongly believes that actions speak louder than words, and rarely hesitates to get his points across through demonstrations if the situation calls for it. (For example, in canon he threw Shiryu - a fellow he had great respect for - into a wall to prove a point to the assembled Bronze Saints). Such a thing happens rarely - when verbal warnings go ignored, or the alternative is a dangerous situation. Sometimes it just takes a little smarting to prove a point or drive one home. Mu is far more likely to make his points this way when he is stressed, frustrated, pressed for time or otherwise unable to maintain his patience as long as he would under better conditions.

In a fight, every move is a calculated action of self-defense. If he is on the offensive it is never out of malice, but either out of a will to live or his duty to protect those weaker than himself. However, once a fight has been brought to a point where Mu is in an offensive position, then he will not stop until his opponent can no longer fight. If that means their death, then so be it. As far as Mu’s concerned, they had their chance to turn back at the outset. It’s not something he enjoys, but something he lives with.

Anger is not a foreign feeling, but it is uncommon. Generally, Mu will let anger simmer and dissipate, trusting time to cool the emotion until he can better deal with the circumstances or person that caused it. It’s fairly evident when he’s angry however as his answers tend to be curt and considerably more blunt, even for him. If provoked past this point, Mu will not snap, but may seek an (inanimate) outlet for his emotions and rejoin the world after he’s let off some steam.


This might get a little long-winded (though what hasn't), so please bear with me.

Mu is what is known in his canon as a "Saint" - a holy warrior who fights for (and in defense of) the Goddess Athena. With this title comes a wide range of awe-inspiring and frightening abilities. Many of his skills, and apparent super-strength come from the fundamental ability of a Saint to manipulate the atoms within his own body. This ability, called "Cosmo" essentially simulates a big bang within the Saint's body, and allows the resultant energy to be used. A select number of saints (Mu included) have an inherent understanding of their Cosmo, able to perceive it on a level above most others. This perception is called the “Seventh Sense,” and is sometimes called the power to create miracles. (There are 9 known senses but the 8th and 9th are reserved for divinity and those approaching it.) Mu is a Gold Saint - one of the twelve most powerful members of the Sainthood, and thus personally responsible for the safety of Athena, and her Sanctuary. Manipulation of his Cosmo allows Mu to move at the speed of light should he wish to, and attack at the same speed. Mu is also an exceptionally powerful psychic, capable of telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation (of both himself and others). Whether this power is independent of his Cosmo is not made clear, but other characters imply that it is, as he’s noted as arguably the most skilled user of telekinesis of his generation.

As mentioned above, Mu is the Saint of Aries. There are 88 Saints total, each with a guardian constellation, and each with a 'Cloth' that corresponds to that constellation. 'Cloths' are suits of Holy armor, often stylistically representing the figure of their constellation. Thus, Mu's is the ram. While wearing this, he's nigh on invulnerable to most conventional means of hurting him, but he doesn't wear it all the time.

Mu is unique among the Saints, being the only one alive capable of repairing Cloths. Mu is also a skilled healer, though he can only affect physical wounds - illnesses, poisonings, blood loss or anything internal he can't help directly, but there's a good chance he'll have an idea as to how to take care of it.

A brief breakdown of his known offensive and defensive skills are as follows:


Starlight Extinction is the weaker and more commonly seen of his two offensive attacks - it's a forcible sort of teleportation, painful but not lethal and often used either as a warning or simply to remove someone from battle. His target will reappear wherever he so chooses (if he so chooses). Since Hell is a real, tangible place in the StS universe, that's usually where he sends them.



Stardust Revolution is Mu's ‘major’’ attack. A massive explosion of energy, it can be considered his lethal blow, though it's fully possible for someone to survive it. (To note: Because of his own pacifism and the general usefulness of the SE, Mu never actually kills anyone with the SR in Canon....but then again, he only really 'kills' two people anyways)



Crystal Wall is the first and foremost of his defensive capabilities. As the name may imply, it is a solid, but invisible wall of psychic energy and Cosmo that has the unique capability of reflecting back any blow that one may have struck on it, and even filter out airborne poisons. Only an overwhelming surge of Cosmo, or the breaking of Mu's concentration have been known to bring the wall down unwillingly. Mu can erect a Crystal Wall without any visible warning signs, and into various shapes; for instance a Cube, to keep something contained, or a net to ensnare and restrain an enemy.



Glamour Illusion is Mu's final ability. It is a low-grade hypnosis - a glamour over the senses if you will, that can convince the target, at least for awhile, of whatever Mu wishes to convince them of. I stress that this is TEMPORARY and Muns will ALWAYS be contacted if the situation arises where Mu might want to try this.

tl;dr: psychic godmod tank, when he chooses to be. I AM COMPLETELY DOWN with some power-capping if the mods feel it’s necessary to do so, though I’d prefer if he were allowed to keep his Cloth.

Alignment: Sosyne, of Anger and Calm because there’s no god for “Done With your Shit” . Mu is, to all appearances, frustratingly calm in almost every situation, which plays well with his pacifistic tendencies. Even in the exceedingly rare instances that he does grow angry, the anger is never blinding, never maddening, rarely panicked. Always, and even in the absolute deepest pits of rage, calm.

As mentioned above, Mu is gentle by nature, but it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that his calm is a learned trait - two masters of advanced age and wisdom, and an adolescence spent largely isolated could easily serve as lessons in patience and meeting tasks and challenges with a clear mind, and this plays a lot into my interpretation of Mu, and why I think Sosyne is a good choice for him - maintaining his level of placidity is not a great effort, but it is nonetheless a conscious decision.

Other: Please someone give this butthead a hug. *Please*.


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