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Empatheias IC contact

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Can often be found doing odd-jobs around the city, haunting a cafe or the library, or keeping in shape in the park or, pretty much anywhere else.

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[Voice] 7/12

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Master? [He'd almost forgotten something that needed doing. When Thras said he needed more power than a regular human can deliever he'd thought of Mu. But that's not why he's calling.


This is, a long time coming.]
If you have a moment, I'm free for all the questions I know you have about...the despair I showed you while the ghost had it's claws in you.

[While he sounds relaxed, there's a nervous energy in the link. He's not sure how this will go and he deeply respects the man teaching him how to fight and be a fist for love and justice.] Mmm, and my apologies for not making it to training the other day. Hajime...had something come up that needed dealt with.